Exit Through the Gift Shop

After I viewed this film for the first time, I was convinced it was a hoax. As it is, Banksy pushes the envelope with his very political and thought provoking street art. Making this documentary was just a new medium for him to transmit his… work. He also may have used the “hoax” controversy to create a new art form. With that in mind, I personally think Banksy is trying to prove a point or send a message to audiences around the globe. For instance, if the media has so much power and manipulation over how we think when it comes to news, politics, and religion, then Banksy can successfully manipulate us into thinking a certain way too. Take Thierry Guetta for example, how did he go from a creepy stalker with a camera to making millions? Is he smarter than you and I? I just think it’s baffling that someone like Mr. Guetta can go from a man with no direction in his life,( a man who filmed random nonsense) to a self made millionaire overnight by taking Andy Warhol’s iconic Campbell’s Soup can painting and merely changing the soup can into a spray-paint can and selling it for an insane profit. Is that art? Thats relative, but I can’t be too surprised; we do live in a world where one of the most popular TV shows is “Jersey Shore” so it wouldn’t shock me if this wasn’t a hoax, and if that’s the case— we are to blame for feeding into this nonsense – that may be what Banksy is trying to prove, after all Thierry’s pseudonym is Mr Brainwash.


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