Films of 2010

Published by: Matthew Kerwin

 Well folks, 2010 has come and gone, we had some laughs, we had some cries and we also saw some films that made us do both.

I wont make a top 10 of the year, instead i’ll talk about the  films that left an impression on me for better or worse. First and foremost, it was a fairly slow year in terms of great films so that is why i take this approach instead of a traditional ” top 10 list”.  I would like to designate  the 2010 year in movies as “the little engine that couldnt”.  It started out with great promise with such releases as ” Shutter Island, Toy Story 3 and Secretariat” , but  followed with the absymal, Takers, Book of Eli, Paranormal Activity 2, and Alice and Wonderland. (there were more horrible films, but i wont go Debbie Downer on you.) Also, if you liked any of the films i catagorized as terrible, i am so sorry for your taste in movies.

This year just never had many original concepts or ideas like we have seen in the past. Alot of the good films were even pusing it with recycled material or sequals. This is a bit alarming, but i hope it was just one of those years where nothing came together just– perfectly.  Dont get me wrong i absolutely loved some of the films that were released last year, but i wasnt blown away like years past. Maybe i have been watching too many movies and have become too picky for my own good, i’ll let you be the judge of that.

These films are in no paticular order.

  Blockbuster films

 Inception, The Social Network, Black Swan,The Kings Speech, 127 Hours,The American

Limited released films

Winters Bone, Blue Valentine, Somewhere, Animal Kingdom, I Love You Philip Morris, Another Year


Exit Through The Gift Shop, Citizen Architect, Lemmy, Catfish,Restrepo

 Animated Films

A Town Called Panic, Toy Story 3

Foreign Films

Mother, The Secret In Their Eyes, Biutiful and Dogtooth

Other films that you might want to check out as well,

Shutter Island, And Everything is Going Fine, Never Let Me Go,Carlos, Monsters

Most challanging film this year goes to:

Enter The Void

Drop me a comment,

Let me know if you agree or disagree with the films i chose and what ones you would have put in their place.


Movie Review: Inception

Review by: Matthew Kerwin

Grade- A+

From the director that brought us Memento, The Prestige and Batman, Christopher Nolan returns with his most daring piece of work to date. Inception is a film about the human mind, the concept of dreams and the subconscious and dreams within dreams layered in more dreams, sounds confusing, huh? It tells the story of a man, Dom Cobb a professional raider of information or extractor (Dicaprio) and his cohorts, Arthur (Gordon-Levitt) his associate, Adriadne (Page) a young and upcoming architect, Eames (Hardy) master of deception and Yusuf (Rao) the chemist. They are hired by a rich businessman Saito (Watanabe) to extract information from a rival corporate empire (Murphy).

To extract the information Cobb and his team have to perform what is called “Inception” (the birth of a new idea into another person’s mind, as if it was their own.) This task has never been done before and it is so risky that it puts Cobb and his team in jeopardy of losing their lives. Hence the question the viewer might ask. “Why would Cobb risk so much for another man’s gain?”

The answer is simple, because of the constant grief involving his wife Mal (Cotillard) and their two children, whom he is haunted by in his own dreams. Once he does this one last job he can return home to reunite with his family.

The film industry constantly comes up with washed up ideas, and remakes these days, but Nolan’s Inception is entirely original just like his feature length debut, The Following. The thing that is so fascinating is that his movies are so detailed, intricate, stimulating and challenging, but on a blockbuster scale. That is a rare treat in the modern world of cinema where everyone is paying to see explosions and CGI driven movies with no acting or talent behind them.

I really enjoyed this movie and cannot wait to see more of what Nolan has in store for us down the road. His career has blossomed ten fold since he rebooted The Batman franchise and he will have me holding my breath till his next film is announced.

Inception is Nolan’s Masterpiece. Go see this movie if you enjoy a mind-bending thriller, and don’t mind getting lost inside the dream’s of peoples minds. Be prepared its a clusterfuck.


Rated: PG-13

Written and Directed By: Christoper Nolan

Run time- 148 min